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Photography Job Search Link ⸝⸝⊂➜﹒https://www.indeed.com/?from=gnav-acme–acme-webapp ⊃⸝⸝   1. Show Photographer – https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Cashman-Photo-Enterprises/jobs?jk=e357d2a9a406995c&start=0&clearPrefilter=1 What is the job about? — Cashman Photo is the largest privately held multimedia company in the country. With operations in almost every major hotel, we are the premier photography and cinematography provider in Las Vegas. What are the requirements in order to […]

ೄྀ࿐ Time’s Magazine’s Top 100 Photos of 2021 (Reflection) ˊˎ-

Link ➛ https://time.com/6123078/top-100-photos-2021/?classId=47d753c8-2cbd-4b69-b25d-ddd33b949b88&assignmentId=683dbd65-ee2d-4eb0-91ac-9c010506c6ba&submissionId=37ea0515-ae33-058f-a9a7-37880975b54b   Photo by: Hector Vivas – Getty Images Why this photography had a huge impact on me is that the world isn’t always a beautiful place to be. What I mean is having no natural disasters and accidents all the time would be a dream come true. But this photograph speaks a […]